29 October 2022
Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops

Unlock your imagination.
Ready to take your writing to the next level? Want to write but don’t know how?

My workshops are designed with fun in mind. Storytelling is, after all, about entertainment. Participants — from beginners to advanced writers — learn how to craft stories, via discussion questions that emphasise the power of brainstorming and writing prompts that ignite creativity.

Workshop options include:

  • where to find inspiration
  • how to craft characters that walk off the page
  • how to write dialogue that sings
  • how to write active setting
  • how to hook the reader with conflict
  • how to silence the inner critic


“The Asphodel-Norwood Public Library was thrilled with the response to the four week Creative Writing Workshop hosted by Vanessa Westermann. Vanessa created a welcoming and safe space for participants to learn and express their creativity. Her expertise allowed us to provide this intergenerational learning opportunity in our rural community. 100% of the participants who provided feedback would participate in a future workshop. This session was a huge success!”—Trish Reed, CEO/Librarian

“Vanessa is an outstanding teacher and I would love to attend more of her workshops.”—Paula, workshop participant

“One of the last things Vanessa said to us was something along the lines of having to read a lot, and use everyday experiences to nourish your writing, which really resonated with me. I feel like a dead plant after neglecting my writing for so long while raising my kids, she made me feel like I didn’t lose something rather I just have to nourish it to get it back. She made something I thought was unattainable now within reach. In only two sessions. She’s a great teacher!”—Joi, workshop participant

“Amazing!!! Inspiring and surprising is how I would sum up my 4 week enjoyment of Vanessa’s workshop.”—Tori, workshop participant

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop… I was a little intimidated going into this but Vanessa is an amazing workshop leader. She provided a safe space to encourage writers of all styles, levels and ages.”—Leone, workshop participant

Let’s create!

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