29 October 2022


Stories matter.

I have spoken about the power of storytelling at writing organizations, such as Sisters in Crime, universities, schools and libraries. Below are some examples of talks I give to readers and writers, based on my own experiences as an avid crime fiction reader, novelist and teacher.

A few options:

  • Writing Mysteries
  • Delectable Mysteries: Food in Crime Fiction
  • Escapist Reads: The Lasting Appeal of Crime Fiction
  • A Sense of Place: Setting in Cozy Mysteries
  • How to Read Like a Writer


“We at the Brighton Public Library wanted to say thank you to Vanessa Westermann for sharing her book Cover Art with our community as well as her experiences teaching creative writing and her writing process. Vanessa kept us engaged with her stories, lessons and wonderful personality, and we learned a lot from her.”—Brighton Public Library

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