Review of Blood Will Out by Jill Downie

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Vanessa Westermann

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If vampires and the mere mention of blood-play set your heart racing, then Blood Will Out (#3) by Ontario author JILL DOWNIE is the perfect book to take with you for dockside reading. Detective Inspector Ed Moretti and his partner, Liz Falla, are investigating the apparent suicide of a hermit, and a mysterious outbreak of vampirism. Is Guernsey being threatened by vampires, or does this have something to do with the local theatre group who are performing a play about the living dead? The secret of the two cases is buried in the past of Guernsey’s most prestigious families. Morretti gets help from local witches and Falla’s seductive aunt, who is adept at making elderberry-flavoured vodka liqueur. I enjoyed the detective duo’s passion for music and the hint of romance sizzling between them. I may just have to check out the first in the series, Daggers and Men’s Smiles (#1).

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