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Vanessa Westermann

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I’m one of those annoying people, who have to share the funny moments in a book but forget to fill in the context. Some people humour me with a half-hearted, quizzical smile, which is better than the more frequent blank expressions, but it’s just not the same as getting a good laugh. The Spellman Files by LISA LUTZ, however, always get a chuckle, despite my lack of necessary details. The series is that funny. Luckily, the zany family firm of private investigators is back in The Last Word (#6), but there’s been a change in regime. After staging a not-so-hostile takeover, Izzy Spellman is now the primary owner of Spellman Investigations, but power comes at a cost. Her subordinates (i.e. family members) are in revolt, which makes it difficult to pay the bills. Izzy’s series of recreational memos (requesting, among other things, to be addressed as Madame President) don’t help company morale. The coup has rendered Izzy permanently beholden to her benefactor, Mr. Slayter (her serfdom includes mandatory jogging sessions, aka “business meetings”). And when Izzy is accused of embezzling from Slayter, the feds come a-knockin’. Indictment could mean imprisonment and financial ruin. It just might be the end. Is this the final bow of Izzy Spellman, PI? I hope not, because as Gillian Flynn, author of Dark Places, says, Izzy “tops the list of ‘Fictional Characters I’d Like to Meet for a Bourbon.‘” The consistently surprising and insightful series is a bittersweet combination of soul-searching and scheming. Lutz’s appendix and footnotes make it easy for new readers to jump in anywhere but once you do, you’ll want to go back and read them in order! Be prepared to laugh out loud and share the fun. No, no, trust me, you have to listen to this part, it’s hilarious…

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